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  • Increased Product Robustness
  • Improved pH Buffering Capacity
  • Improved Ferrous Corrosion Protection
  • Increased Product Stability and Cleanliness
The newly formulated CimShield N-Durance Technology metalworking fluids are a further enhancement of the successful Cimcool CimShield technology, providing increased product robustness by combining higher product alkalinity and pH fixing.

CimShield N-Durance technology shields the product from outside influences and evaporation, resulting in low top up rates, reducing overall consumption.

The importance of increased pH buffering capacity
pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of your metalworking fluid mix and a good indicator of the condition of your fluid mix. Each product has a pH range within which it is designed to operate (Typically 8.8 – 9.2 for most metalworking fluids). If the mix pH is too low, various aspects of your metalworking fluid mix are affected, such as microbiological control, ferrous corrosion
protection, and mix stability. If the pH of the fluid mix is too high, various other aspects of your metalworking fluid mix are affected, such as product mildness and non-ferrous corrosion control. The CimShield N-Durance Technology based metalworking fluids guarantee a fixed pH value resulting in a long hassle free fluid management situation.

Compared to traditional products the Cimcool N-Durance range of products offer lower usage, increased cleanliness, longer life and better stability and are completely free of boron, nitrite, chlorine and formaldehyde releasing biocide.

Interested in more information on our new range of CimShield N-Durance fluids?
Please contact your local CIMCOOL Specialist.