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The founders
On 19 March 1884 George Mueller and Fred Holz started the Cincinnati Screw and Tap Co. In 1887 at age 21, Frederick A. Geier bought a stake in the business. Under his initiative tap manufacturing was discontinued in 1889 so as to focus completely on machine tools. The company remained in Geier family hands until 1990. In over a century the company has grown to become a world leader in manufacturing technologies, Milacron LLC.
The first synthetic cutting fluid
During World War II the Cincinnati Milling Machine Company, as the company was called then, remained focussed on research and development. As a way to increase tool life the ‘Mill’ produced the first synthetic cutting fluid, which was called Cimcool.
The start of Cimcool Europe
In 1954 the ‘Mill’ opened a machine tool factory in the Netherlands: Cincinnati Nederland N.V., the beginning of European Cimcool as we know it today. In a small corner of the factory industrial fluids were produced. This worked out very well, due to the tool and machine knowledge and experience. In the early 1990s the machine tool business was discontinued and the focus shifted completely to the development and production of industrial fluids under the name Cimcool.  
Since 2020 the Cimcool organization is an operating company of DuBois Chemicals. For already 100 years, DuBois Chemicals is a leading single source specialty chemical supplier to the manufacturing of, metalworking, heat treatment, food and beverage, paper and pulp, and water treatment industries.

CIMCOOL’s European headquarters is situated in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. From this location we develop, produce and transport all our products for the European, Russian, African, Middle Eastern and part of the Asian market. Each country in this area has its own sales office or distributor. Through years of experience in the metalworking industry and our broad geographical presence we can provide you with the right products and the right service in the right place.

Over the last 75 years, our research labs have continued to innovate by developing a comprehensive family of premium synthetic, semisynthetic and soluble oil metalworking fluids. Every step of the way, CIMCOOL invented the products and processes our customers needed - setting the standards for industry performance. Below an overview of CIMCOOL’s range of anti-foams and performance enhancing products.

Global presence
Globally Cimcool is represented by three divisions: Cimcool Europe (EMEA, India and Russia), Cimcool Americas and Cimcool Asia Pacific. Check our Global Presence page for more information.